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Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is the company of Intesa Sanpaolo Group dedicated to innovation: it explores the world of cutting-edge innovation, invests in applied research projects and high-potential startups and accelerates the implementation of the circular economy criteria, to make Intesa Sanpaolo – the first bank in Italy and one of the most capitalized in Europe - the driving force behind a new economy that is socially and environmentally aware.
Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center seeks to be an accelerator for the economic development of Italian businesses, with particular attention to the megatrends in our society: Digital Transformation and Circular Economy. Addressing the ecosystem of innovative startups with the intention of supporting them in their progress towards scalability and internationalization, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center creates a territorial network of relations with enterprises, incubators, research centers, universities and local and international organizations. An open network that helps match innovation supply and demand. Through its laboratories and deals with Competence Center it generates know-how and develops new assets and businesses. Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center contributes to spreading the culture of innovation through training initiatives and events open to all, with the aim of transmitting skills and methodologies, organizing its activities according to sector and geographical area.

Valorization of know-how

Where there is potential, we maximize it. We incentivize the development of innovative trends by arranging laboratories devised to create and hone skills.

Startup Development

When presented with a good idea, we endeavor to bring it to fruition. Our support for startups translates into coaching and networking activities, partnerships and financing.

Open innovation for businesses

We incentivize collaboration by helping businesses look around for partners and by developing open innovation platforms: sharing projects and talents fosters the development of innovation.

Spreading the culture of innovation

For us innovation means above all cultural change, which is why we spread the value of innovation culture through meet-ups and communication tools. Furthermore, we valorize relationships with the local territories and the main players in the market to enhance our strategic positioning as "ecosystem integrators".

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Innovation Planning and Governance



Innovation Business Development



Startup Growth Financing



Trend Analysis and Applied Research



Circular Economy



Communication, Culture and Marketing of Innovation


If you are a startup

Business Development
The service that supports eligible startups by analyzing the characteristics of the potential target market, identifying their business opportunities and the target clientele for the technological solution offered, raising capital and industrial partnerships with companies.
Training Workshops
The acceleration path for the Intesa Sanpaolo group's early stage startups, which aims to provide those entrepreneurial skills necessary to create, introduce to the market and finance a startup.
Startup Initiative
Program of research (call4startup), selection and acceleration of technological startups, on behalf of one or more corporate customers, according to the technological needs of the client(s) (one or more sectors) and with a joint technical analysis.
Scale Up
A professionalization program devised to accompany the most promising Italian startups along a path to growth and internationalization.
A tool with which to support the credit assessment of innovative startups that require financing, it is profoundly innovative and distinctive, allowing both companies and the bank to make the best of the opportunities offered by government measures and the incentives for growth, recently extended through the Industry 4.0 Plan.

If you are a business

Circular Open Innovation
This service identifies innovative solutions and technologies in Italy and internationally to help companies in their transition towards the Circular Economy. The service is supplied by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center together with Circular Economy Lab - the lab specialized in company transition to the circular economy- developed in partnership with Cariplo Factory.
Circular Workshop
Strategic training to help companies understand the principles and opportunities of the Circular Economy and adapt them to each business context, both corporate and in the supply chain. The service is an opportunity to discover environments for strategic development and to map out how to reach them in the short-to-medium term. It is supplied by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center together with the Circular Economy Lab - the lab specialized in company transition to the circular economy- developed in partnership with Cariplo Factory.
Startup Initiative in White Label
Program of research (call4startup), selection and acceleration of technological startups, on behalf of one or more corporate customers, according to the technological needs of the client(s) (one or more sectors) and with a joint technical analysis.
Innovation Newsletter
The service provides a daily update on the principal Italian and international news for Industries and Technologies, through constant monitoring of authoritative web and print sources and by harnessing its own search algorithms. It is an essential tool for companies not only to keep up to date by monitoring trends, markets and specific vertical industries, but also to create a cultural humus of internal innovation, the starting point for subsequent innovations, such as those regarding process, product and innovation.
A tailor-made, on-demand, technological scouting service, on the basis of specific requirements shared by the client enterprise, provided independently or with the support of external specialist partners, including through on-site consultations at the client's premises.
Business Development
A portfolio of innovative startups/SME's with high transformative potential supported by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center in the development of their own businesses.
Trend analysis
We provide a verticalized Reporting service for Industry that analyzes the impact of new technologies on the main economic sectors. The Reports seek to be a tool for those businesses that require support to define their own innovation paths and in which they can discover the best startups offering solutions to the challenges of the market.
A program of accompaniment in international ecosystems displaying strong growth in terms of innovation, devised to generate new business and investment opportunities for client enterprises and prospective clients of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, with clear objectives for internationalization and technological development.
A digital platform that promotes interaction between startups, SME's and large companies, matching supply and demand in technological innovation

if you are a business


Keeping up with innovation is simple. Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center's service you will receive a round-up of the most important news regarding innovation and technology, selected specifically for you according to your interests. Don't miss our daily selection including industries, technologies, innovation ecosystems and much more.


Every day you’ll know what is happening in the world of innovation, regarding both your reference Industry and broader technologies and sectors.

Selection and

Only the most important news will be chosen for you, eliminating background noise thanks to the use of keywords, search agents, specific algorithms and the work of specialized analysts.


You’ll be able to bring innovation to your company to set following innovations in motion, from the process to the development of the product up to the organization.

Useful information

The service is also available in White Label, just insert your company’s logo and brand identity

Useful information

You’ll be able to monitor over 500 of the best national and international web sources and national and international newspapers daily

Useful information

Content personalization, plus the possibility to create new topics ad hoc, as well as the 30 already present.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

Every day you’ll get the innovation news desired and of greater interest and relevance according to the issues you reported or selected from the more than 30 already present among Industries and Technologies and current and future trends. You can also request to send over 1,000 email addresses a week

if you are a business

Startup Initiative
in White Label

The Open Innovation Service created by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center to help your business get to know and select innovation through an acceleration program for startups, chosen and selected according to your areas of interest.


The search and selection of startups will take place through the use of an  innovative ecosystem which includes: incubators, accelerators and national and international hubs, also setting up a specific communication campaign.

Financial Analysis
and evaluation

You can also request the business plan analysis and key variables service sharing the most widely used methods and metrics for evaluating startups.

Manager training

You can choose to train your managers boosting competences in the fields of research, selection and acquisition of innovation of your company.

In brief

You’ll be able to explore and select startups of your interest via an acceleration program built around your needs.

In brief

You’ll also be able to take advantage of financial analysis and manager training services.

In breve

The program structure will be defined together: channels, instruments and selection phases, training startups and promoting an innovation culture.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

The program structure will be defined together: channels, instruments and selection phases, training startups and promoting an innovation culture. The 20/30 best startups taking part in the kick-off call will face one another in a competitive format, which will conclude with the selection of the winner/winners among the best 8.

if you are a startup

Business Development

The service provided by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center that facilitates the creation of business opportunities for your startups or innovative SME's, that offers highly innovative services potentially interesting for businesses, in support of your commercial positioning.

the target market

Knowing your market will be easy: you’ll get support in analyzing your reference market and in finding business opportunities.


You’ll get support in sales positioning, in seeking capital and industrial partnerships


You’ll be able to give your technological solutions visibility, presenting them at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center’s Demo Center and during national and international events.

Useful information

We’ll support you in developing your business through assessment, scouting, seeking potential partners and promotion.

Useful information

The agreement is not exclusive and lasts 12 months from the subscription date.

our support
We’ll support you in developing your business

Through our services of assessment, scouting, seeking potential partners and promoting of your highly innovative services.

if you are a business

Tech Scouting

Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center you can easily discover the best technologies and innovative solutions for your company so as to create new businesses that focus on innovation and increase your competitiveness in the market.

Focused research

A highly personalized service to help you find the most useful technologies to meet your industrial and investment needs.


Guaranteed privileged access to strategic partners’ sources and data such as: incubators, research centers, universities and specialized firms. Both national and international.


The solutions found will be selected and analysed at a technological and financial level to favor transfer 

In brief

You’ll be able to find groundbreaking technologies developed in your industrial sector of reference or in new sectors of interest to you.

In brief

You’ll be able to increase your competitiveness
or launch a new business thanks to research in innovative technologies.

In brief

You’ll get detailed information about the technological targets and an evaluation about it.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

Thanks to the research of innovative technologies you’ll be able to increase your competitiveness or launch a new business. According to the complexity of the requisites the service will reach you about 20-40 days after signing the contract.

if you are a business

Circular Open Innovation

The service was set up for companies interested in innovating their business products, services, processes or models in the Circular Economy context.


Companies have more of a competitive edge regarding environment, social, regulatory and economic issues thanks to innovative solutions that apply Circular Economy principles.

Creation of
business opportunities

Strategic collaborations and partnerships and trade relationships with innovative startups and SMEs.


New company brand positioning to attract consumers tending more and more towards sustainable purchases.


Explore and select the items that interest you.


The Engage service can be activated to quickly organize a trial of the innovative solutions chosen.


Competitive format and involvement of the best startups among those taking part in the program’s kickoff call.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

Together we’ll define the structure of the innovation program: channels, tools, selection stages, communication and promotion.

if you are a business

Circular Workshop

The service is available to companies seeking support in designing a transformation path and laying the foundations to improve their competitiveness.


Training workshops where participants can learn about and deepen their knowledge of the principles of the Circular Economy, trends and successful cases in your sector and adjacent ones.

Creating business

Find and develop the areas of business transformation to enact in order to seize the business opportunities generated by the mechanisms of the Circular Economy.

Awareness and consensus

Increase awareness and consensus among workshop participants (in-company and along the supply chains) and active discussion regarding company transformation through innovative work methods.


You’ll be updated on the main impacts and opportunities of the Circular Economy.


You’ll be able to identify strategic transformation areas of your company’s business.


You’ll be able to involve other companies in your supply chain thanks to the multi-company option.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

We can help you analyze the macroeconomic context relating to the Circular Economy and then select the initiatives that can lead to the company and supply chain’s conversion to Circular Economy.


Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience Lab

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center established, in collaboration with high-value scientific partners, the Innovation Center Labs to respond to the complex needs of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and of its clients, currently not being met by big players or startups and determined by the evolution of new market trends and by "exponential growth" technologies. The laboratories develop applied research solutions through teams of highly qualified researchers, selected nationally and internationally and arriving from the academic world and that of research. The Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience laboratories are currently operational, the latter in collaboration with the scientific partner Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca. The main objectives of the laboratories are to spread, acquire and transfer new skills and know-how within the Group and to its customers, and create new assets: algorithms, services and products; protect intellectual property rights and generate impact and value for the Group and its customers.

Circular Economy Lab

In a logic drawing on the principles of Open Innovation in collaboration with Cariplo Factory, the Circular Economy Lab in Milan was launched at the end of 2018 as a gathering place for the community linked to the themes of the circular economy and a vehicle with which to experiment new business models for corporations, SME’s, startups and public players. In December 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo became part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation network, initially as a Financial Services Global Partner and then as a Strategic Partner accessing the network of the most authoritative player in Circular Economy at an international level, and side by side with Global Partners including Google, Philips, Unilever, BlackRock and Renault.
R&S (Artificial intelligence e Neuroscience Lab)

L’Artificial Intelligence Lab ha sede a Torino e ha tra i suoi ambiti di attività l’applicazione dell’intelligenza artificiale nei campi della gestione del rischio di credito, degli investimenti e della finanza e nel campo assicurativo, conducendo progetti di ricerca applicata sia per il Gruppo sia per clienti esterni.

Neuroscience Lab ha sede a Torino e opera in collaborazione con il partner scientifico Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca, istituzione universitaria, di ricerca e alta formazione diretta dal Prof. Pietro Pietrini che si è distinta per la qualità e la capacità innovativa della sua ricerca e del suo programma di dottorato e per la sua natura interdisciplinare caratterizzata dalla complementarietà di metodologie desunte da materie quali l’economia, l’ingegneria, l’informatica, la matematica applicata, la fisica, le neuroscienze cognitive e sociali, la storia politica, l’archeologia, la storia dell’arte e l’analisi e la gestione del patrimonio culturale. Neuroscience Lab ha come principali ambiti di attività l’applicazione delle neuroscienze all’interno del Gruppo nei campi delle Risorse Umane, della Formazione, del Marketing e della Ergonomia Cognitiva, ma è attivo anche con committenze esterne (es. esperienze neuroscientifiche in ambito museale).

Concrete and Visionaries, to invest in the best global excellence.

Neva SGR, a company belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, wholly owned by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, designs and manages investment funds for professional investors interested in taking advantage of the diversification and high-yield opportunities offered by Venture Capital.

Neva SGR can count on the strength, financial resources, know-how and network of relationships of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group: a unique value on the market.
Neva SGR can observe trends and markets from a privileged position and then operate with the strength and responsibility of the banking group of reference in our country.

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has invested in the Neva First Fund, the investment fund designed for start-ups of excellence with a highly innovative technological content, which operate on trends with exponential growth prospects, with the main focus on FinTech and on Italian companies with global growth or international companies that intend to develop projects with positive effects on industrial and productive sectors in Italy.


Put your idea forward

This is where you will find the announcements of the calls currently open. If no calls are presently active, you can still submit your startups on the Startup Initiative platform..
For the Open Innovation of the Circular Economy Lab programs you can apply on the Trace platform directly.


Closed: 20 May 2022


Was launched on the 6th of april IN ACTION ESG CLIMATE, the initiative of the Intesa Sanpaolo Vita Insurance Group, which rewards with 500,000 Euros the best business projects for a greener and sustainable world. Application are open until May 13th.


Closed: 29 May 2022

Sustainable Energy Venture

The Sustainable Energy Venture program was launched on 7 March in collaboration with the Pietro Fiorentini Group. Call4startup aims to research new technologies on the international market in the field of energy sustainability, related to the hydrogen supply chain and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Closed: 30 April 2022


In its third edition, is a call dedicated to the innovation, addressed to startups and scaleups in the fields of media, entertainment and gamification.


Closed: 30 March 2022

Terra Next

Terra Next, the accelerator on the Bioeconomy based in Naples, born on the initiative of CDP Venture Capital together with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, has started. The program will accelerate 30 startups over three years. Applications are open until March 30th.


Closed: 4 January 2022

Italian Lifestyle

Is the program for startup based in Florence, that aims to bring together the large companies of the territory operating in the fashion, tourism and food sectors to startups offering innovative solutions and technologies. Promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Fondazione CR Firenze, Nana Bianca e Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione dell’Università di Firenze. Application deadline 4th January 2022.


Closed: 27 October 2021

Torino- Cities of the Future Accelerator

The third edition of the program, arising from the collaboration between Techstars, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, has started. This year the program evolves, becomes Torino-Cities of the Future Accelerator and opens up to all products and services based on the use of innovative technologies (big data, AI, IoT, DLT) with applications in the Smart City area. The call is open until October 27th.


Closed: 17 October 2021

Call4Circular Packaging

The value of vegetal fibers, the project created by the Circular Economy Lab for Ecopack, aims to identify innovative materials in vegetable fibers, with the aim of replacing plastic packaging and containers in the food sector. Apply by October 17, 2021 and contribute to the transformation of the plastic packaging industry!


Closed: 25 May 2021


In its second edition, is a call dedicated to the innovation, addressed to startups and scaleups in the fields of media, entertainment and gamification.


Closed: 7 February 2021

BioInItaly 2021

The 14th edition of BioInItaly, the call for the selection of projects in the Circular Bioeconomy, Red Biotech, Medical Devices fields, is open. It’s organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Assobiotec and Cluster Spring. Applications close on February 07th.


Closed: 21 October 2020

Circularity goes digital

"Circularity goes digital" starts, an initiative that aims to launch acceleration processes for the adoption of the circular economy by italian companies, through digital technologies and open innovation, in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Cariplo Factory and Microsoft.
The first phase began with the selection of startups.


Closed: 11 October 2020

Techstars Smart Mobility

Selection of startups gets under way for the second edition of Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator, the acceleration program dedicated to Smart Mobility technologies, arising from collaboration between Techstars, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT.
Applications will be open until 11 October 2020, the program will be held from 25 January to 22 April 2021.


Closed: 15 September 2020

RS Productions IMMEDIATE

Immediate is the very first call focused on media, aimed at startups and teams who want to develop their ideas in the field of communication, entertainment and gamification.


Closed: 30 June 2020


The annual investment forum aimed at consolidated companies, startups and research projects in the sectors of Circular Bioeconomy and Red Biotech & Medical Devices.


The main partners with whom we innovate

Ellen Macarthur Foundation
IMT Istituto Alti Studi Lucca
Cariplo Factory
The Floor


Some startups supported by Intesa Sanpaolo
Innovation Center

enterprise 4.0


enterprise 4.0


Easy post-production for 3D printing

3DNextech has developed a device specifically designed for post production in additive manufacturing. It facilitates automation in finishing processes, resulting in considerable savings in time and costs. In addition to treating the surface of objects, it improves both mechanical characteristics and appearance.

enterprise 4.0


enterprise 4.0


The internet of things goes in deep

Wsense is a high tech Italian company specialized in monitoring and communication systems offering pioneering, patented solutions in the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Wsense wireless technology ensures secure multimodal underwater communication between underwater platforms, surfaces and robotics.





Artificial intelligence for irrigation

Bluetentacles is a plug&play solution for revamping agricultural irrigation systems which, thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence and IoT, enhances production via intelligent management of water resources.

enterprise 4.0


enterprise 4.0


The platform for collaborative robotics

A spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Mediate Srl is an innovative start-up in the field of collaborative robotics. The core business lies in developing new application-driven I4.0 pilot robotic systems to be used for integrating and experimenting with low economic impact, technical-financial validation in firms and subsequent scale-ups.





Simple and intuitive payments

Matipay is the innovative payment system that guarantees a simple and complete user experience thanks to the instant connection between vending machines and the mobile App with the virtual wallet that can be topped up via cash dispenser, credit card or PayPal.





The waterless wash for your vehicle

Bookable via app and website, the service allows you to always keep cars and motorbikes bright and shiny, without having to worry about taking them to the carwash. A Wash Out employee will clean the vehicle anywhere it is parked: at the office, at home or in front of the gym, saving the client considerable time.





Made in Italy innovation

Blubrake is a market leader specialized in technologies applied to braking systems for lightweight electric vehicles. The company has developed a unique ABS (anti-lock braking system) for e-bikes that can be completely built into the frame, making the driving experience safer and more enjoyable on any type of e-bike, from the city bike to the trekking one, from the mountain bike to the cargo bike. A light and invisible technology to guarantee maximum safety on your e-bike.


We make space for ideas

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The Innovation Center videos

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Artificial Intelligence Lab and Neuroscience Lab

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center For Circular Economy



News and events

14th march 2022

Sustainable Energy Venture

The Pietro Fiorentini Group and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center launched the Sustainable Energy Venture program on 7 March, the call for national and international startups and SMEs aimed at identifying and supporting the best technologies related to the development of the hydrogen supply chain and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The call is aimed at startups and SMEs that offer solutions in the areas of Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, Hydrogen Value Chain and Solutions and ancillary services to the hydrogen supply chain. Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, through the Startup Initiative platform, will support the management of the Pietro Fiorentini Group in selecting the applications received and in tutoring the companies that will be selected to participate in the project. The winning startups / SMEs of the program will be able to evaluate with the board of the Pietro Fiorentini Group different possibilities of collaboration from a production, economic and financial point of view.

16th february 2022

Terra Next: the new Bioeconomy acceleration program.

Terra Next, the new acceleration program for innovative startups and SMEs in the Bioeconomy sector, was launched in Naples. The project was born on the initiative of CDP Venture Capital together with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, the management of the program is entrusted to Cariplo Factory.

The Bioeconomy is already an excellence of Made in Italy and boasts a production value of 317 billion euros in Italy in 2020. Also in 2020, the sector employed 2 million workers, 7.9% of total national employment (value that rises to 10.7% in the South alone), thus revealing itself to be a sector with a high intensity of development for employment.Terra Next was born precisely with the aim of accelerating entrepreneurial skills and creating synergies with industrial players, creating a new innovation ecosystem that enhances Southern Italy.With an initial budget of approximately 3.8 million euros allocated by the Accelerators Fund of CDP Venture Capital in addition to approximately 1.3 million allocated by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and its partners, the accelerator is designed over a 3-year time span. Each year, a 12-week acceleration program based in Naples will be launched, in which the selected startups will have the opportunity to grow through mentorship, training, networking and moments of in-depth study.

The call will close on March 30, 2022.

24th january 2022

Torino - Cities of the Future Accelerator started at the OGR.

After two programs focused on Smart Mobility, Techstars launched Italy’s first-ever accelerator focused on Smart Cities, investing in companies that disrupt the way we live today, providing new solutions for growing populations, transportation, housing, energy, infrastructure challenges as well as for employment and basic services such as education and health care.

This year the program is again in presence at the Turin OGR and startups will be able to benefit from an ecosystem, that of Turin, which is constantly growing and which has led over the past editions to various collaborations between startups and local companies and the Municipality of Turin.

5th october 2021

Italian Lifestyle: the accelerator that renews Made in Italy.

Can an acceleration program foster the development of Italian excellences? According to the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Fondazione CR Firenze, Nana Bianca e Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione dell’Università di Firenze, the answer is yes, without a doubt.

With this optimistic spirit and attentive to the territory, the new acceleration program for startups 'Italian Lifestyle' was launched on 4 October with a press conference held at the Granaio dell'Abbondanza. The program aims to bring together the large companies of the territory operating in the fashion, tourism and food sectors to startups offering innovative solutions and technologies.

Italian Lifestyle will be developed into 3 years and aims at the growth of the Florentine ecosystem, as also stated by Maurizio Montagnese, Chairman of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center: 'The goal of programs such as 'Italian Lifestyle' is to encourage collaboration between large companies rooted in the area and new business ideas capable of contributing to the development and renewal of even more traditional businesses'.


22th september 2021

The new Turin Ecosystem report by Startup Genome.

On 22 september the new Startup Genome report about Torino, was launched at the London Tech Week.

Startup Genome is the world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm, having advised the ecosystem development strategy and action plans for more than 40 governments in the last year. This year, thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Compagnia di Sanpaolo, it analyzed the Turin scenario.

The report reviews the Turin ecosystem from different point of views: Smart Cities, AI, Big Data e Analytics, giving some strong reasons to move there.

As you can see in the report, local stakeholders are working hard to transform the city into a test-bed for cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the field of Smart Cities.

17th september 2021

Circular Economy: New Business Models

Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione, the training company of Intesa Sanpaolo, in collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center organizes the online course of high management training 'Circular Economy: new business models' for the development and transformation of businesses in market scenarios in constant evolution. The training course of the Academy of Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione is designed to enhance skills and increase the competitive advantage of your company. Aimed at Entrepreneurs, Executives and managers belonging to all company areas, with particular reference to the strategic planning, commercial & marketing, logistics & operations, compliance & legal, ict & innovation and human resource areas, the Advanced Training Course is fully digital to respond to the contingency of the current historical period and to meet the logistical needs of participants from all over the country. During the online meetings, the students will find a dedicated learning environment, where they can experience a formative, engaging and interactive experience: the structure and the program have been defined by CeTIF-Università Cattolica, Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center in collaboration with experts from the Circular Economy Lab of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

The program is intensive and lasts 5 weeks.

19th july 2021

Presented the Venture Capital monitor for the first half of 2021

The first half of 2021 of the Venture Capital Monitor – VeM, research report on venture capital operations in Italy, was presented during the press conference on 19 July. The study was carried out by the Venture Capital Monitor - VeM Observatory active at Liuc Business School and realized thanks to the contribution of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and E. Morace & Co. law firm and the institutional support of CDP Venture Capital SGR and IBAN, with the goal of developing permanent monitoring of the institutional early stage activity carried out in our country. In the first half of 2021, 100 transactions were realized in Italian startups for an amount equal to almost 400 million euros, a fact which demonstrates the liveliness of venture capital and the resilience of our country. ”For our part, the activities of acceleration, investment with Neva SGR and financial support for startups have neither stopped nor slowed down and have contributed to achieving this result”- says Maurizio Montagnese, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

7th May 2021

The AI Seminar | Fairness in Neural Networks

The AI Seminar | Fairness in Neural Networks, held in Italian by Mattia Cerrato - Researcher at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz is part of a series of events organized by the Artificial Intelligence Lab of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center that aim to illustrate and disseminate the evolution of research conducted in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The seminar, curated by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, is scheduled by remote connection on Friday May 7th at 12.00-13.00. The seminar will be held in Italian.

This seminar will discuss new approaches and methodologies developed to link neural network training to fairer behavior. We will see how to ensure that the 'hidden' representation learned from neural networks is invariant with respect to some selected attributes and we will illustrate two ways to improve the explainability of these models without compromising their equity.

Click here to join the seminar

2nd March 2021

Presented The Venture Capital Monitor 2020

The Venture Capital Monitor, a complete annual report that captures the situation of investments in innovation in our country, was presented during the press conference on 25 February. The study demonstrates how venture capital is a real boost to development and how, despite the difficult period, it is constantly growing with the birth of new players and new ecosystems.

The report analyzes the results of venture capital investments with an updated mapping of the data and, compared to previous years, adds an in-depht analysis of Business Angels and the early stage market.

The Venture Capital Monitor was drawn up by AIFI (Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt) in collaboration with LIUC - Business School, and saw the support of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and participation in the steering committee of Guido de Vecchi. As de Vecchi states “even in a very special year, we have continuously contributed to achieving the results reported by the VeM.“

26th february 2021

Open Innovation in Italy: the COTEC report

The report Open Innovation in Italy - The key factors for the success of the innovation activity of an Italian company, prepared by COTEC - Fondazione per l'Innovazione, in collaboration with Enel Foundation and the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli - LUISS, was presented on 24 February. This year the report was dedicated to open innovation, one of the most effective methods to bring innovation in companies and thus increase their profitability. The report analyzes in depth the state of open innovation in Italy and presents interesting stories of innovation.  Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has contributed with the presentation of its Startup Initiative program, the Iren Startup Award case history and an editorial by Chairman Maurizio Montagnese, that talks about the mission and projects of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

9th february 2021

Universal circular economy policy goals: enabling the transition to scale

The Circular Economy Lab has given its contribution to the latest Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s paper Universal circular economy policy goals: enabling the transition to scale, released on 28th January 2021. This report aims to create a common direction of travel in policy development for a faster transition to a circular economy and indicates five universal policy goals:

#1. Stimulate design
Enable all products to be designed, accessed, and used in ways that eliminate waste and pollution.
#2. Manage resources to preserve value
Promote the development of business models that keep products and materials in the economy at their highest possible value.
#3. Make the economics work
Create economic incentives and set regulatory requirements that enable circular economy solutions to become the norm.
#4. Invest in innovation, infrastructure and skills
Invest public money and stimulate private sector investment to develop the skills required to create circular economy opportunities.
#5. Collaborate for system change
Work across government departments, nationally and internationally to build policy alignment and durable change.

The launch event took place on the 2nd February and have seen the participation of Massimiano Tellini, Director Global Head of Circular Economy at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

2nd february 2021

Techstars relaunches smart mobility in Turin.

Techstars, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, CRT Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center announced the 12 startups selected from hundreds from 4 continents and 54 countries around the world that, from 25th of January, have officially joined the Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator 2021, the first startup acceleration program in Europe dedicated to Smart Mobility.

The program, for now all virtual, will last 13 weeks and will culminate on the Demo Day of 22 April 2021 with the presentation of the results to a wide audience of venture capitalists, business angels, investors, entrepreneurs and institutions.

Of the 12 startups selected by Techstars - leading global accelerator that has already supported over 2,300 new startups with 43 programs worldwide - 4 are Italian, 3 English, 2 Israeli, 1 American, 1 Portuguese and 1 Latvian: Blink, Cargofive, Crispify, Deliverart, Duet, eTEU, Imperium Drive, Kedeon, Latitudo 40, Prognostic, Trailze, and Wiseair. The range of industrial sectors covered by the proposals is very wide: supply chain, logistics, automotive, air quality, industry 4.0, micromobility, and satellite monitoring.

As stated by Maurizio Montagnese, “this year too, despite the limitations imposed by the health emergency, we expect that the excellent realities selected from all over the world will be able to grow and implement new projects in our country.”

16th december 2020

The new scenario and innovation seen by corporates, banks and start-ups.

2020 has been a year in which innovation and technology both offering solutions to international challenges such as Brexit and Covid-19.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, will host a virtual panel in which important representatives of the UK corporate, banking and innovation scene will take part; this will be followed by a pitch session dedicated to Italian technological companies capable of providing innovative solutions in response to the current international scenario.

The webinar will take place on December 16, 2020 at 10.00am GMT (11:00 am CET); the round table - moderated by G.M. Volpicelli, senior editor at Wired UK - will see the participation of IBM, Intesa Sanpaolo and London&Partners. Afterwards, the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center will introduce the pitch session dedicated to 4 Italian startups able to offer innovative technological solutions.

24th november 2020

covid-19: the contributions of the Neuroscience Lab and the Artificial Intelligence Lab.

In times of pandemic, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center made its contribution with two important projects of its Laboratories.

The first, by the Neuroscience Lab, studied the impact on individuals and the community of the period we are experiencing, analyzing what happens in our brain in situations of anxiety and fear and trying to give precise indications to avoid situations of psychological suffering. This is the study called “COVID-19 Pandemic: the impact on socio-emotional well-being from a neuroscientific perspective”.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab, in collaboration with the epidemiology laboratory of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, has classified the genomic sequences of the virus collected in various hospitals, managing to quickly isolate around 1500 genomic sequences, identifying mutations and highlighting three different strains of the virus. An important step to learn more about the pandemic and to fight it, but also a beautiful example of public-private collaboration in research.

12th November 2020


On November 12th, the public event of the Alleanza per l’Economia Circolare was held online. During the meeting the new Position Paper 2020 was presented, in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Economic Development Stefano Buffagni.

The Alleanza per l’Economia Circolare, of which Intesa Sanpaolo is also a member together with 17 other Italian companies, gathers and disseminates knowledge, involves people, associations, interest groups and addresses the government and Europe. The goal is to carry on the real circularity that aims to minimize the consumption in all its forms.

The Alleanza’s new Position Paper 2020 presents the road map towards a circular economic model: five objectives and 23 detailed actions aimed at making full use of the potential for economic, social, environmental and decarbonization development linked to the circular economy. A 7% increase in investment, a 10% reduction in raw material costs, as well as 700.000 new jobs in Europe by 2030 and a 56% drop in CO2 emissions by 2050.

The Position Paper 2020, composed of 16 sheets with projects and good practices that demonstrate the effectiveness of circularity and the concreteness of the commitment of all Alleanza members. It deepens their experiences focusing on: key value chains in the consumer goods, circular bioeconomy, chemistry and engineering, energy and utilities, finance, fashion and luxury, shipbuilding industry, catering and tourism sectors.

The event was also an opportunity to welcome the new member, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

The main circular economy projects and the points of view of companies were also shared, told by CEOs and Presidents of some of the Alleanza companies. The event was an opportunity to discussion with representatives of the Government, in order to shed light on the evolution of policies for the circular economy and the next steps.

30 October 2020

Cybermarkets, a new field in economic activity: opportunities and many risks.

Cybermarkets, created by large merchants such as Amazon, Alibaba and even Walmart, although still closely linked to physical stores, are becoming spaces of economic activity. Their action, as great oligopolists, intersects planning, uses artificial intelligence and simulation, changes employment, changes the rules of the economy as a whole. We evaluate positive and negative aspects, considering all the elements, including the silent march of those operators towards finance. Pietro Terna, former professor of Economics in Turin and former Secretary of Confindustria Piemonte, will talk about it in the next appointment by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center's Artificial Intelligence Lab, with the aim of illustrating the evolution of the research conducted in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The seminar, by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, is scheduled via Skype on 30 October from 11.00am to 12.30pm.

25th september 2020

Together with Cisco for the digital transformation.

The world technology leader Cisco, Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of projects dedicated to the circular economy, open innovation, especially in the field of Smart Mobility, cybersecurity and neuroscience applied to human resources.
For each area of ​​interaction, Cisco is committed to providing the enabling technologies and disseminating innovation with dedicated workshops and events, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center provides the know-how of the 3 Laboratories (Circular Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience), in addition to its startup network and Intesa Sanpaolo offers financial instruments and the support of its chief officers. A very important strategic agreement, a concrete help to Italian companies that want to adopt innovative processes to give a new energy to the growth of the country.

25th september 2020

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: the summit 2020 and the Financing The Circular Economy report.

The Circular Economy is a crucial challenge to create not only different production models, but also a new culture that places sustainability and shared growth at the center, even more now, if we want to be resilient in this particularly uncertain period. These are the premises that on 9 and 10 September animated the 2020 summit of the Ellen McArthur Foundation, one of the main players worldwide in the field of Circular Economy, of which Intesa Sanpaolo has been a Strategic Global Partner since 2015. During the event, many protagonists of the circular evolution in politics, civil society, economy and the most varied industries spoke on the virtual stage. Many experiences have been shared from the most diverse and distant territories and in the most disparate industrial sectors. Company managers, university professors and researchers, politicians, designers, and even very young students were interviewed. You can review the speeches from the summit here: https://www.youtube.com/
On the occasion of the summit, the new report - Financing the Circular Economy - Capturing the opportunity was also presented.
The report is endorsed by over 30 CEOs and senior executives from leading asset managers and banks representing over USD 18 trillion in assets under management, including Intesa Sanpaolo, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, BlackRock.
It offers new analysis that highlights rapid growth in circular economy financing and investment, lays out the opportunities for investing, banking, and insurance, and calls on the financial sector to seize the full potential by scaling the circular economy in collaboration with governments and corporates.

15 settembre

Workshop online Cybersecurity & AI

Online workshop on Cybersecurity & AI
Wednesday September 16th, at 10:30
To register write to: artific_intellig_lab.58036@intesasanpaolo.com

20th July 2020

Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator kicks off

20 July sees the kickoff of the new edition of Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator, the first acceleration program dedicated to Smart Mobility technologies, arising from collaboration between Techstars, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT. Once again this year focus will be on the search for innovative services and solutions regarding the circulation of people, goods and data, in the context of Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructures and Smart Environments.
The last edition was a great success: hundreds of startups from all over the world submitted their applications, 11 finalists participated in the acceleration program, of which 5 started trials with the city of Turin and an Intesa Sanpaolo Group Corporate Client . The strategic importance of the project is also confirmed as underlying Turin’s role as an international ecosystem for innovation.
Applications will be open until 11 October 2020, the program will be held from 25 January to 22 April 2021.
Information and applications here:

23 April 2020

Smart Mobility Demo day

The first class has taken place in the Techstars Smart Mobility Program, born of the partnership of Techstars, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT. For 13 weeks 11 international startups took part in an acceleration process, sharing ideas with representatives from the Turin City council, the Foundations and partner companies. On 23 April, in the course of the virtual Demo day organized by OGR Tech, the participants presented their final pitches to an audience of investors, companies and institutions. The event saw the presentation of the new Innovation Trend Report dedicated to Smart Mobility, drawn up by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

To download an extract of the Report click here. To request the complete Report write to us, with the wording “Innovation Trend Report Smart Mobility” in the subject line and including in the body of the e-mail company name, name and surname of the company contact person and company telephone number(s) and e-mail address.

Da Vinci's Last Supper

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, the Neuroscience laboratory and the Lombardy Museum Complex-National Museum of Da Vinci's Last Supper have together produced an innovative project for the application of neuroscience to art. The aim of the experimentation has been to examine the dimension of user experience of two works of art – Da Vinci's Last Supper and Donato da Montorfano's Crucifixion - in the Museum of Da Vinci's Last Supper and of the circuit that leads to them, as well as understanding how the current display methods for mural paintings, such as lighting, information panels and type of circuit can positively or negatively influence the quality of the visit.

17 February 2020

Venture Up Forum

On Monday 17 February at the OGR in Turin the Venture Up Forum was held, organized by AIFI, in collaboration with Compagnia of San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. The event featured the main figures from the institutional, academic, financial, entrepreneurial and innovational worlds. The occasion brought together Italian and European institutions, venture capital funds, business angels, companies and startups with the aim of studying issues linked to the European market, establishing connections among the main innovation hubs and launching ideas for the development of venture capital. Get more details and view a recording of the morning's live stream.

January 2020

Smart Mobility Accelerator

On 27 January, at OGR Turin, the first of the three acceleration programs for Smart Mobility born of the partnership among Techstars, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT was initiated. The initiative involved 12 startups, from Italy and beyond, that have been able to develop, test and implement new technologies in keeping with the principles of the Circular Economy, and to thus become sustainable and competitive enterprises. A 13-week program, a European exclusive, closely related to the fabric of the local businesses and involving over 100 mentors.