Italian Lifestyle Acceleration Program

startups to innovate the field of Made in Italy

Applications for the 2023 edition are open

Applications for the new edition of the program have been open since October, with the promoters of the previous one confirmed. The call4startup phase will close on January 4, 2023 and is looking for startups with technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, big data analysis, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, mobile app, augmented reality and virtual reality, 5G and the Internet of Things.

June: closes the first edition enhancing the value of the Florentine ecosystem

Demo Day on 28 June marked the close of the first edition of Italian Lifestyle, the accelerator which started on 15 March and which introduced 6 innovative startups to a selection of important Italian companies. The startups, operating in the food&wine, fashion and tourism sectors, were all set up and operate in Italy.

 Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, promotor of the initiative together with Fondazione CR Firenze, Nana Bianca e Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione dell’Università di Firenze, continues its activity of ecosystem growth support by focusing on lifestyle and innovation in the Tuscan regional capital.  The recently concluded edition is the first of a three-year program. 

The aim of Italian Lifestyle, which from the outset has proved to be extremely attractive, receiving over 200 candidate applications, is that of supporting startup growth and networking among relevant companies, in particular with the 8 large companies already signed up to the program: Gucci, Pitti Immagine, Alpitour, Starhotels, Ruffino, Cisco e Colorobbia.   


The six startup finalists of the 2022 edition

Rifò presents its innovative solution to manage the phenomenon of overproduction and overconsumption in the clothing sector in a sustainable and virtuous way, through the collection of fabric waste and its transformation into new clothes. 

Blaster Foundry is a gaming agency which improves company engagement with its audience, creating experiences which involve users, bringing them closer to the brand. They work with different platforms and formats inside the various social ecosystems and develop customized gaming solutions. 

Calton offers a solution to listen to customers’ voices with a feedback collection and analysis process. The Calton CX platform (Customer Experience) and ORM (Online Reputation Management) include monitoring, generation and management of reviews, customer surveys, customized company queries, competitive benchmarks and AI (Artificial Intelligence) which allow thousands of reviews to be text-analyzed in a few seconds.

Dotzero a Florentine startup which has created a 100% recyclable trainer, using wood scraps from which bioplastics can be obtained. 

Dresso is a social network whose goal is to transform the purchasing process into a social and responsible experience, promoting interactions between people using blockchain technology. Each product available on the app has its own digital certificate of authenticity. 

Italia Rimborso operates in the field of refunds and  compensation due to airline disruptions in favor of passengers in the case of flight delays, flight cancellations, overbookings, lost, damaged or late luggage. It has permitted passengers to receive over two and a half million euros in the last two years of its operation. 

The mission of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is to foster the meeting of innovation demand with supply. The creation of local ecosystems is one of its key pillars.
Maurizio Montagnese