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Expired on 22 January 2024
Milano, IT
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In the paradigm of the circular economy, the treatment of separation, purification and recirculation of wastewater means that the substances contained in the water can be considered new resources to be put back into circulation, valorising what is currently considered waste and contributing to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and the energy consumption of existing purifiers.

In particular, in the context of hospitals and analysis laboratories, this change of perspective is opening up new opportunities for improving the environmental impact and saving costs and raw materials.

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And it is precisely to be part of this change that Circular Water 4 Healthcare was born, the circular open innovation project promoted by SYNLAB and Bracco, in partnership with IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi, in the context of Federated Innovation @MIND, and created by the Circular Economy Lab - initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory. This initiative aims to define a scalable and replicable best practice for the recovery, in particular, of contrast liquids and the management of hospital wastewater, through the implementation of processes that can become a model of innovation for the Healthcare sector Italian and international, as well as for legislators and technological partners, in the management of hospital and laboratory wastewater.

The Call4Circular | Circular Water 4 healthcare is aimed at innovative startups and SMEs, of Italian and international origin, with the aim of selecting technologies for the circular management of water resources in hospital and similar structures aimed at the recovery of raw materials and valuable elements, the reduction pollutants and emerging contaminants, the optimization of drinking water consumption and the activation of circular reuse processes.


Collection of Liquids

Solutions for the collection of liquids (mainly urine) containing contaminants and/or contrast agents (mainly Iodine and Gadolinium) used in radiography and magnetic resonance imaging examinations.

  • For example: smart toilets or urine bags.

Water Pollution

Solutions to reduce and limit environmental pollution caused by contrast liquids and emerging contaminants (PPCP, viruses, bacteria, microplastics, antibiotics) in the hospital sector, limiting their release into the natural ecosystem (with a specific focus on means of contrast)

  • Ex: biological wastewater treatment technologies and wastewater disinfection technologies.
  • Ex: Wastewater treatment technologies specific to hospital wastewater to remove pathogens.

Water Optimization

Solutions to optimize the use of water resources in hospital and urban contexts

  • Ex: on-site technologies for measuring water quality in order to reduce discharges of pollutants of emerging interest (e.g. drugs, nanoparticles, textile fibres) and/or pathogens with wastewater effluents;
  • Ex: technologies for the deionization of incoming water, technologies for reverse osmosis.
  • Ex: processes to reduce the presence of emerging pollutants in drinking water.

Water Circularity

Solutions to activate circularity processes of water resources in order to recover and reuse them for activities such as irrigation or cooling of machinery.

  • Ex: technologies for recycling wastewater in order to recover useful resources.



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