Call4Circular x Greenthesis | Innovation for environmental services

Open call
Expires on 3 September 2024
Milan, IT
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In today's global landscape, addressing environmental challenges is an essential priority. The transition to a circular economy offers a concrete response to issues related to the exploitation of natural resources and pollution. It promotes a regenerative economic model capable of reducing waste, extending product life cycles, and optimizing resource use.

Call4Circular x Greenthesis | Innovation for Environmental Services is a circular open innovation project developed by the Circular Economy Lab—an initiative by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory—for Greenthesis. The goal is to identify and support projects that propose circular innovations in environmental services. This initiative aims to engage entrepreneurs, startups, and innovative SMEs ready to contribute with cutting-edge ideas and solutions.

The Greenthesis Group is one of the leading integrated Italian operators in environmental services, including remediation solutions, waste-to-energy technologies, wastewater treatment, sludge management, biogas and biomethane production, and advanced technological solutions for the recovery, recycling, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The Greenthesis Group aims to be a constant reference point in the environmental sector for technological innovation and a systemic approach to services.

Call4Circular x Greenthesis Innovation for environmental services Call4Circular x Greenthesis Innovation for environmental services


Call4Circular x Greenthesis | Innovation for Environmental Services targets innovative Italian and international startups and SMEs. The goal is to select innovative technologies in the field of environmental services, focusing specifically on those enabling innovative business models in terms of sustainability and circular economy. Participating in Call4Circular x Greenthesis | Innovation for Environmental Services offers the opportunity to:

  • Implement POCs (Proof Of Concepts) within Greenthesis Group plants, collecting valuable data and feedback as well as gaining visibility within the industrial network
  • Create a strategic commercial partnership
  • Accelerate the development of the innovative project with the support of a consolidated leader in the waste recovery and valorization sector
  • Access direct investments from the Greenthesis Group

The search is focused on four areas of interest:



  • Sludge management and valorization
  • E.g., Densification and combustion of sludge combined with agricultural and agro-industrial waste - Recovery of phosphorus and ammonia and other secondary raw materials from sludge treatment residues - Treatments for the capture and decomposition of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • Innovative systems for wastewater and contaminated groundwater treatment


  • Carbon dioxide capture, storage, and reuse
  • Production, storage, and distribution of green hydrogen and biomethane, including new production cycles
  • Innovative environmental remediation systems
  • Combustion of methane and hydrogen-enriched mixtures


  • Recovery of secondary raw materials from biomass
  • Chemical recovery from combustion residues and fly ash
  • Recovery of electronic components and photovoltaic panels
  • Recovery and valorization in other sectors of plastic and composite material processing waste


  • Applications of digital technologies and AI for the environment and sustainability
  • Process digitalization and monitoring
  • E.g., Carbon Footprint
  • Innovative ETS credit management and energy management systems


June 18,– September 3
18/06 - 3/09

Scouting and Application Collection

September 4– October
4/09 - 31/10

Assessment and prioritization of the best technological solutions


Selection Day


Start of startup-company collaboration