Techstars Transformative World Torino: class 2024 acceleration pathway closes

21 May 2024
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The 12 finalist startups introduced themselves to the public at a well-attended event at Turin's OGR

Immagine dei partecipanti del Techstars Demo Day 2024 Immagine dei partecipanti del Techstars Demo Day 2024

On May 14, in a day full of appointments and culminating with the Demoday, the 12-week acceleration for the 12 startups of the Techstars Trasformative World Torino program, the pathway evolved from Smart Mobility to technologies for a changing world, and supported by partners Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT, came to an end.

It was a proud moment for the 12 startups, for Torino's innovation ecosystem players, and for Techstars, an opportunity to highlight the progress made in recent years and cast a glance at the future: the ecosystem is growing and gaining positions, also recognized by important institutions worldwide such as the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, by Startup Genome, moreover, the results achieved by the startups in the program are still improving: more than 100M usd raised so far, more than 600 new jobs created, and more than 80 POCs with companies.

The event started in the afternoon with Venture Day, a moment dedicated to venture capital, with the panel participation of Neva Sgr, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's venture capital controlled by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, which talked about financial support for startups.

The meeting also presented some case studies on the main Italian innovation hubs, and analyzed market trends on investments in deep tech.

In the evening, the actual Demoday took place, with startup pitches.

Demo Day 2024 

New technologies in a growing innovation ecosystem

On stage, after a welcome and thanks from Martin Olczyck, Managing Director of Techstars, the program's liaison partners took turns. Adam Ubrankovics - Head of Ecosystem Development and Startup Solutions at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, outlined the Company's role in fostering the growth of ecosystems and innovation related to sustainability and ESG issues as key factors for equitable, inclusive and long-lasting development. He then emphasized how the growth of Turin's innovation ecosystem is now also recognized internationally, as certified by Startup Genome, in its upcoming annual report.

The program's other liaison partners, Massimo Bottin of Fondazione CRT and Michelle Osella of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, also remarked on the profound positive changes in the area in terms of innovation and collaboration between startups, institutions, research centers and local companies. A synergy that makes Turin an internationally attractive hub and of which the Techstars Trasformative World Torino program is certainly the flagship. What everyone was keen to emphasize is how collaboration among stakeholders generates value for the territory, and our city is a clear example of this.

Immagine dell'evento Techstars Demo Day 2024 Immagine dell'evento Techstars Demo Day 2024

But the stars of the evening were them: G2Q Computing  from Milan, , Impact AI from Vienna, SylloTips from Rome, Shion   from Vienna, Plain  from Berlin, Nubo from Milan, Bestie Bite  from Rome, Trainizi from Ho Chi Minh City, Reviway from Reggio Emilia, Intuos from L'Aquila, Vision Anchor  from Ljubljana, and Voovo from Budapest: the 12 startups from the 2024 Techtstars Tranformative World Torino program, who presented to the audience their innovative idea, business model, achievements already made and possible future developments. Confident, determined and convincing: this is how the founders appeared after 3 months of intense work and training with mentors, business angels, program partners and the entire large community of Techstars professionals and alumni.

From the conception of new educational platforms to technological solutions for identifying and repairing road surfaces, from the network of coworking spaces to novel interior design solutions: these and many other innovations proposed by the startups in their pitches, which best interpret the evolving and new management needs of urban space, mobility and people in a changing and evolving world.

After the pitches, startups were able to participate in networking meetings with investors, program partners, companies and ecosystem players to open new investment and business opportunities.

See you next year with the new edition of Techstars Transformative world Torino!

Photocredit: Fabio Pinto, NAM Studio