Selected the finalist startups of Call4Energy The Mobility Evolution

8 February 2023
startup, Circular Economy, Call

At the conclusion of the long scouting and selection process, the startups that will collaborate with Aquila Energie, a fuel distribution company, for the open innovation path The Mobility Evolution have been announced. These are Zeotap, Cloud4wi, G-move, Otovo, TriEnergia, Windcity, Limpo, GreenHabitat, Anemotech.

The selected innovative companies deal with the digitization of customer interface systems and data analytics, electrification of filling stations, efficiency in the use of water resources in washing systems, natural regeneration and air quality. They were chosen after Call4Energy | The Mobility Evolution, launched in July by the company and carried out with the collaboration of the Circular Economy Lab team, which in recent months has examined over 200 applications arriving from Italy and abroad.

The Circular Economy Lab has selected startups capable of combining Aquila Energie's interest with the potential for integration of the solution into existing processes, through an analysis of investment costs, the effort required from the customer and the TRL of the startup. Clear objectives of the POC, short implementation times, the possibility of starting the activity starting from a pilot project, availability of local collaborators were some of the most rewarding characteristics.

The call was launched in July with the aim of identifying solutions, on the one hand, to enable the supply of renewable energies and digitize the internal systems of filling stations, on the other, for the management and regeneration of resources in the stations and to ensure its energy independence.

“We asked the Circular Economy Lab team to help us identify startups capable of offering innovative solutions to the new needs of our sector - is the final comment of Filippo Cecchi, CEO of Aquila Energie - It was a long process, which has already led to some productive talks and from which we expect excellent results. The contribution of the Circular Economy Lab team has allowed us to get in touch with realities that we could not have reached otherwise on our own".