BioInItaly 2022 ends with the Investor Arena Meeting

7 December 2022
startup, Innovation

BioInItaly, the reference investment forum for innovation in biotechnologies and life sciences in Italy since 2008, closed the startup selection process on 5 December, with the BioInItaly Investment Forum 2022.

For over ten years, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has been collaborating with Federchimica-Assobiotech and Cluster Spring in the startup selection process, which takes place throughout the country through a roadshow in various stages.

This year, seven projects belonging to seven innovative companies were selected, which, with the Forum, had the opportunity to present their idea and business plan to a large panel of investors and international finance experts.

The leading technologies of the 2022 edition of BioInItaly are very varied and reflect the great trends in the search for green materials, energy saving, the use of AI in the medical field, sustainable agriculture.

Here are the 2022 finalist projects.

Local Green: among the best suppliers and producers that use vertical aeroponics. For promotional purposes, the startup is currently selling, in addition to b2b circuits, ready-to-eat organic salads to retail, wholesale and restaurant chains.

NDG Natural Development Group srl: technology that introduces the use of essential oils associated with phytotherapeutic compounds, micro- or macro-elements or active molecules in agriculture. A highly biocompatible hydroxyhepatite carbonate microcrystal is able to transport a substance of interest (e.g. drug) to the site of action, being able to activate and strengthen the agent with which it has been combined.

.0 Srl: luxury footwear made with an innovative biological and recyclable compound. Fashion and circular economy starting from the wood and paper industry.

Cellex Srl: development and commercialization of bio-reactors, key elements in the production process of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and anticancer immunotherapies. The bioreactors developed by the startup lead to an increase in cell growth efficiency which corresponds to a percentage reduction in costs estimated at between 25% and 35%.

IppocraTech: use of Artificial Intelligence which, starting from five key vital parameters, analyzes a person's state of health. After the clinical trial and the publication of the process in many international journals, the startup filed the technology patent and received the related CE certification as a medical device (+D1)

Exo Lab Italia: nanotechnologies starting from vegetable nano vesicles (exosomes), obtained from certified organic plants. Exo Lab has developed a series of products for the cosmetics and supplements sector and is developing a new platform for the use of these nano vesicles as a vehicle to transport drugs to the site of action (to be patented).

Yore: biotechnological plaster that completely removes tattoos quickly, painlessly and without leaving scars.