Innovation Center and Jannik Sinner: the Innovation Coffee of passion for sport

16 November 2022
Innovation Coffee, innovation, Innovation Center

On 14 November, the 31st floor of the skyscraper experienced an afternoon of sporting enthusiams.

Indeed, the Innovation Center had the pleasure of hosting Jannik Sinner, the young Italian tennis champion.

In Turin on the occasion of the Nitto ATP Finals, of which Intesa Sanpaolo is Host Sponsor, the athlete who symbolizes the new wave of Italian tennis dedicated some of his time to talking with us about sport, passion, technique and innovation.

Jannik, in a spirit of friendly sharing, recounted his beginnings as a sportsman, from the excellent results achieved in skiing to the choice to devote himself to tennis: an endurance sport, made up of strategy and mental as well as physical strength, in which "you are not all in two minutes”. This choice meant a total reversal for him, having to devote himself completely and daily to a sport that he only practiced a couple of times a week until a few years ago, but in an exceptional case like his, perseverance and talent can really make the difference even in a short time.

He then spoke to us about his desire to experiment with new strokes and techniques, to get out of his comfort zone and get involved on mental levels too, for this he also makes use of the help of mental coaches, an increasingly widespread practice among sports champions.


The use of analytics, videos, neuroscientific techniques of mental training are an innovative aspect of its preparation and are topics of great interest for the Innovation Center which, with its two AI and Neuroscience Labs, has recently proposed some webinars precisely in the sports field.

For Sinner, the help of technology, combined with the choice of an united team and the ability to accept and, indeed, use failure as a lever to improve and fly towards future goals, are a fundamental mix for every sportsman.

The young champion showed his human side without division, he opened up to the audience with sincerity and all the freshness of his twenty-one years, the audience responded with great warmth both in presence and by following the live streaming remotely, with over 500 spectators. At the end of the match, he gave all the fans a nice moment by signing autographs and tennis balls, souvenirs that will be kept with sporting devotion by the lucky ones who made their way through the crowd.

The comment of the Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Maurizio Montagnese is marked by the greatest satisfaction: “it was a fantastic moment, which keeps the pride of all Italians high. In particular, here at the Innovation Center we are linked to the theme of innovation mixed with the progress of technology in the field of sport, which is one of our professions."