Sustainable Energy Venture: acceleration kick-off at the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper

8 July 2022
Innovation Center, Startup Initiative, Open Innovation, Call

On July 6th and 7th, the boot camp of the Sustainable Energy Venture program took place at the Innovation Center, a Startup Initiative white label organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center for Pietro Fiorentini, the leading company in the services sector for power industry.

The program started in March with the call4startup, which had the goal of selecting technologies at an international level in the field of renewable energy. In two months, applications arrived from Italy, Europe, Israel, Brazil and Singapore.

After the selection phase, the real acceleration kicked off on 6 July and will culminate with the October 11th Demo Day. The goal of the track is to develop synergies in the production, managerial and financial fields between the Pietro Fiorentini company and the startups.

Logo Energy Sustainable Venture Logo Energy Sustainable Venture

Wednesday saw a very busy agenda, which began with the registration of some of the startups at the Innovation Center (others were connected remotely) which was followed by the welcome by the President of the Innovation Center Maurizio Montagnese and the CEO of Pietro Fiorentini, Mario Nardi.

Both briefly illustrated the history, mission and core business of their respective companies, the roles within the Sustainable Energy Venture path and expectations. In particular, both Montagnese and Nardi underlined how open innovation, i.e. the scouting and selection of new technologies outside the companies, is now a strategic necessity, which combined with the propensity for innovation of the companies themselves and the help of right partners, it can bring concrete results that make a difference on the market.

After the presentations of the company, its technologies and the program by Pietro Fiorentini's managers, work began on the startups with training by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center specialist, Bill Barber.