A program tailored for you

The open innovation service which helps your company to identify and select innovation through a structured startup acceleration journey, designed based on your specific areas of interest.

The advantages

Exclusive journey

The search, selection and acceleration of startups is entirely performed according to your goals and exclusively for you.


Each step of the journey, as well as the final goal of the acceleration, is tailor made.  

Ecosystem engagement 

Startup search and selection is performed by engaging the innovative ecosystem, which includes incubators, accelerators and national and international hubs. 

Our model



Integrating the competences achieved by startups into your business processes, in order to create effective and productive collaborations.


Managerial training

The possibility to train your managers, reinforcing competences in the area of research, selection and acquisition of innovation in your company.


Financial analysis and evaluation of startups

Business plan and key variable analysis service, sharing the most commonly used methodologies and metrics for startup evaluation.

Our method

The challenge for startup is a four-phase selection and acceleration program which aims to evaluate the most interesting technologies for the client, facilitating the development of  collaborations/ experiments / investments. 

Business ideas / plans, analisis and first section

Call for startups:

  • Search for the best startups on the Italian and international markets through the activation of sectorial networks.
  • Selection of the best candidates based on the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center 360° Analysis model and on criteria identified by the client.
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Phase 2


Access for the selected startups to tools and distinctive competences provided by coaches with international experience in entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. 

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Phase 3


  • Presentation of all the startups in the program to a panel of experts selected by the client. 
  • Analysis and evaluation of the startups based on a 4-dimensional evaluation model. 
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Phase 4

Investor Arena

  • Presentation of the startup finalists to the board and the of the client company, moderated by the coaches of the program. 
  • Analysis and evaluation of the startups by the board and the management of the client company based on a 4-dimensional evaluation model. 
  • Selection and awards ceremony of the startup winner/s of the acceleration program. 
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