Cecilia Giardi - Group Program Financing Manager

Italian Lifestyle 2022

Novamont is an Italian company engaged in the development of innovative and sustainable products based on bioplastics and biochemicals. Founded in 1989, the company is a leading manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable bioplastics used in various industries, including packaging, agriculture, textiles and the automotive sector. Among its objectives, the commitment to promote the circular, sustainable and low-carbon economy, using renewable resources and managing the entire life cycle of its products, from production to disposal. The company is headquartered in Italy and has over 600 employees worldwide.
Novamont, as Tech Partner of the Terra Next acceleration program, provided its contribution in terms of know-how, assets and networks for the development of startups. In this interview Cecilia Giardi - Group Program Financing Manager - underlines two important aspects for startups and companies that want to innovate:
- Differentiation, knowing the context in which one's distinctive elements are positioned, which are fundamental for competing
- Scalability, i.e. setting the goal of realizing your project on a large scale, which aims at industrialization and the market.