Neuroscientific research: the use and abuse of neuroscientific methods for marketing - Podcast

9 Marzo 2023
NeuroScience Podcast

Let's talk with the protagonists of innovation in our podcast column "Innovation Coffee and innovation seminars" dedicated to frontier topics and applied research of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience.

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We turn on the microphone of the Podcast, we are with:

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Daniel Richardson

Professor of Experimental Psychology at UCL, University College London,

What we talk about

Did you know that there are areas in the human brain where neural mechanisms trigger our preferences for a certain product or advertising stimulus? Today, with Daniel Richardson, Professor of Experimental Psychology at UCL, University College London, we will give an overview of the contemporary use of neuroscience, by describing the diverse applications of neuroscience in market research and marketing campaigns to inform business decisions. Furthermore, the professor will illustrate how neuroscientific techniques, combined with technology, can lead to misuse when applied to studying consumers’ behavior without their consent.

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