X-Plore Ocean

The “Ocean – Nutrition, Sustainability, Technology” report, created in collaboration with One Ocean Foundation and Fondazione LINKS, addresses the key role of the ocean with a holistic vision, trying to represent in a complete and exhaustive way the extreme complexity of its ecosystems and the indissoluble link between its health and survival of the Planet and the human race.

Applying this vision, the analysis first explores both the tangible and intangible benefits that the Ocean brings and the multiple pressures to which it is subjected due to human activity, both that directly exercised on it and that of an indirect nature deriving from the operating industries on the mainland.

Attention is then brought to the ocean-food relationship, developing an in-depth examination of three industrial sectors: agriculture, fishing and aquaculture.

For each of them, the pressures that each sector exerts on the ocean are first explored (from plastic pollution to contamination, from greenhouse gas emissions to eutrophication), according to a classification defined by the European Commission in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, focusing then on the technological solutions and innovations that are a concrete and commercially available response to alleviate and mitigate these pressures, in order to pursue a balance that guarantees the long-term sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

The report then ends with an examination of the technologies that enable, in all sectors of possible adoption, a transformation from a 4.0 perspective: Internet of Underwater Things, Digital Twins, AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, Blockchain.