Techstars Transformative World Torino

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Expired on 29 November 2023
Torino, IT
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The call4startup that brought Smart Mobility to Turin and Italy reaches its fifth edition and expands into Transformative World.

Techstars Transformative World Torino Techstars Transformative World Torino

Call4startup has opened for the fifth edition of the program dedicated to new technologies in the Transformative World. The program has so far allowed the 45 accelerated startups to raise over 85 million dollars.


Decarbonization/Net Zero/Circular Economy

In the spirit of ESG and our commitment to a sustainable future, we are enthusiastic about championing ‘planet-positive’ initiatives. This encompasses projects dedicated to pioneering new materials and systems in the realm of decarbonization, striving for a net-zero future, and promoting a circular economy. We want to support companies that aim to significantly diminish carbon emissions, waste, and pollution, furthering our goal of creating a more balanced and prosperous planet.

Health & Safety

Ventures that are at the intersection of machine learning, bio, and other fields, with the ultimate aim of creating a healthier and safer world.

AI Technologies & Advanced Computing

Generative AI, Synthetic AI, and Industrialized and their transformative power across industries. 

Digital Asset Creator Communities

Platforms that empower creators in the digital asset space which can be anything from digital artwork to software tools, virtual reality spaces, and even blockchain-based tokens or collectibles.

Exponential Intelligence or AI 2.0

This involves data interpretation capabilities that surpass human potential using a variety of rapidly advancing technologies like analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and more. It supports businesses in continuous learning, agile process rethinking, and customer-centric solution development.

Quantum Computing

We're keen on the revolutionary possibilities of quantum computing, given its potential to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers.

Cyber Security

In an increasingly connected world, we're focusing on investments in robust cyber security solutions to protect digital infrastructures.

Ambient Experience

Technologies that create immersive, ambient experiences, seamlessly integrating digital and physical spaces.


Advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to automate processes, augment human capabilities, and enhance productivity.

The selected innovative companies will participate in the 2024 edition of the program, which will begin in February and end in May, at the OGR in Turin. Participants will receive 120k dollars and will have the opportunity to take part in a complete path with international mentors, the support of partners (Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT), and of course the support of Techstars and its global network .

Applications close on 29 November.


20/09 - 29/11 20223

Candidate collection

12 FEBRUARY 2024

Program Kick off

9 MAY 2024