In Action ESG Climate: the startups of the 2023 edition have been awarded

19 July 2023
Innovation Center, startup

On 13 July in Turin, the winners of the second edition of the "In Action Esg Climate" project were awarded. This is the call for ideas launched last April by the life companies of the Intesa Sanpaolo Insurance Division, in collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, which supported the implementation of the program also by making its network of startups available.

The initiative - aimed at Italian companies capable of proposing innovative solutions with a significant impact in favor of green transformation - gathered 139 applications in the "Climate Tech", "Manufacturing", "Sustainable Lifestyle" and "Agrifood Tech" sectors. The variety and quality of the projects led the examining committee to assign a third prize ex aequo, increasing the total contribution of the awards initially foreseen for 500,000 euros, by a further 100,000 euros.

The very considerable number of applications has meant that the organizing committee has put in the pipeline a 2024 edition. As underlined by the CEO of Fideuram Vita, Maria Luisa Gota, this year too the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is being evaluated and selection of the candidates was decisive and much appreciated by the organizers.

The growing success of the initiative will lead to the organization of a third edition

Here are the four proposals which, at the end of the two selection phases, were identified as the most innovative and compliant with the sustainability and circularity criteria required by the initiative:

The Isaac start-up was awarded the first prize of 250 thousand euros, thanks to a project concerning an innovative technology capable of counteracting the seismic forces acting on buildings, with the aim of expanding its use to protect the building heritage Italian.

NDG Natural Development Group obtained the 2nd prize of 150 thousand euros, for the development of new formulations of a biocompatible inorganic vector which, associated with the use of essential oils, makes plants stronger and able to defend themselves against pathogenic attacks and climate change.


Finally, the third prize of €100,000 was awarded ex aequo to:

The Okapi Network, which aims to increase the communication and B2B sales channel of its line of plastic-free household cleaning products and personal cosmetics, which guarantee limited water transport and the use of concentrated formulations.

• Test 1, which develops an absorbent system, using a unique sponge capable of cleaning oceans and seas from accidental spills of hydrocarbons for about 25/30 times its weight and with the possibility of reuse up to 200 times.


At the end of the event, Nicola Maria Fioravanti, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Vita and Head of the Insurance Division of Intesa Sanpaolo declared: "Year after year, the success of this project in which we strongly believe is confirmed, because it amplifies all our initiatives in favor of the green transition, allowing us to concretely promote the development of innovative technologies and business models. As with the last edition, numerous proposals were received, all of great value, which made it difficult to select the finalists, especially among the last six identified. We have increased the winners and the prize money initially foreseen, to recognize an extra opportunity for those who are able to develop concrete ideas, which can truly create a more sustainable world".