Exploring future trends through Generative AI Prepare 4 (R)evolution

24 July 2023
Innovation Center, Future trends, Frontiers themes

The world of Artificial Intelligence is evolving very rapidly and is also gaining more and more relevance as a creative tool.

For this reason, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has sought to test the potential of this technology through a series of AI-generated videos linked to innovation trends.

Midjourney, a platform based on generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) that harnesses the power of machine learning to create extraordinary and compelling visual content, was used for its development.

The aim is twofold: on the one hand, to propose storytelling that anticipates what will happen in the near future and, on the other hand, to field test the potential and limits of content generated by Artificial Intelligence platforms.

The first video in the series features a typical day set in the future, a fascinating combination of visual art and medium-term trends. These trends are the result of the study of innovation analysts who, through scouting and descriptive work, directed the algorithms in creating representative images of these trends.

Midjourney used data and information already processed by the algorithm itself to which it associated the trends indicated by the analysts. This created a digital fresco of the technologies that will be used in the near future and that will support a new lifestyle.

Generative AI has produced a stream of amazing images and fantastic scenarios, showing a future in which, thanks to technology, sectors such as renewable energy, transport, medicine, wellness and much more are advancing rapidly. These technologies are now in the research or industrialisation phase.

The video also presents a series of human interactions with phygital (physical and digital) experiences, smart cities and homes, unprecedented landscapes merging with virtual reality, and even extra-planetary communication involving all five senses.

The video-making experience allowed us to understand the potential of AI technology which, with little information, is able to build highly evocative images. On the other hand, however, this creative power must be controlled by the human being in order to avoid the creation of images that are a far cry from what one wishes to portray, and sometimes the generation of unrealistic images (one example above all: hands are often depicted incorrectly).

ChatGPT was used to brainstorm the title choice. It proved very useful to stimulate analysts' imagination and find the right title, supporting the fact that the integration of human creativity and artificial intelligence can open up new perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges we face as a society.

An attempt was made to include automatically generated music as well, but in this case, the algorithms are not yet at a level such as to propose a soundtrack consistent with the video.

Overall, Midjourney's ability to produce images in tune with expectations was judged to be good; however, the analysts' control, modifications and validations were crucial to the success of the creative project.

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Centre hopes you enjoy watching!