Circular Economy: 57% of Italian companies invest. The latest PoliMi report.

15 December 2022
Circular Economy, Observatories, Institution

The Energy&Strategy Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, has been monitoring business investments in Italy for three years; in 2022 57% of companies adopted at least one circular economy practice, while in 2021 they were 44%. A significant growth, which however has ample room for improvement.

This is what emerges from the Circular Economy Report 2022, presented on 13 December at the Bovisa Campus of the PoliMI. The report was prepared by the PoliMi Observatory and the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Circular Economy team contributed in terms of defining the guidelines and sharing ideas and comments useful for the articulation of the contents.

The report analyzes some of the main trends that are characterizing the transition from the linear paradigm to a circular one as a new model of regenerative growth for the business world, examining the regulatory evolutions at European, national and regional level as a whole, and investigating the drivers and barriers to the adoption of circular practices in some particularly interesting industrial macro-sectors from the point of view of the Circular Economy.

The report detects an appreciable increase in circular practices among Italian companies: among the 7 macro-sectors taken into consideration, the textile sector is the one with the highest number of companies that has already implemented at least one circular economy managerial practice (82%), followed by food & beverage (80%). The interest in sustainable finance is also growing, which has made products and instruments available for over 30 billion euros.

The presentation event was attended by academic figures, such as Prof. Bertelé of the PoliMI School of Management and representatives of partner companies, including Eni, Enel, Cesi, Snam. Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center also took part in the event, with Massimiano Tellini, Head of Cirular Economy.