Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center at Milano Digital Week

15 November 2022
Circular Economy, Future trends, NS Lab, tecnologia

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has contributed to the success of the fifth edition of the event dedicated to education, culture and digital innovation promoted by the City of Milan and created by IAB Italia, Cariplo Factory and Hublab.

The aim of the event was to promote dialogue on the issues addressed in the book "The limits to growth" published in 1972, based on research that the Club of Rome, an association of industrialists, scientists and journalists commissioned at MIT in Boston.

Milano Digital Week aimed to investigate the development of limits, seeing digital as a valuable ally in sharing knowledge and a way to foster development and relationships.

Milano Digital Week Milano Digital Week

The Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Circular Economy Lab took part in the meeting "Il circolo virtuoso. Quattro punti di vista sull'economia circolare", in which Stefano Martini (Head of Circular Economy Lab), compared with experts from different sectors, compared to the realities in which they work approached the circular economy, providing guidance on the benefits of the circular economy for businesses.

On Monday 14 November, the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center Neuroscience Lab participated in the meeting "Metagaming: nuove frontiere e limiti antichi", in which Francesca Maggi (Senior Innovation Specialist), had the opportunity to discuss with 3 other experts on the futuristic horizons that these new technologies open up, with particular attention to neurological and psychological research, taking as an example the report "New Frontiers in Gaming".