GammaDonna 2022 Award: the winner was awarded

30 September 2022
Innovation Center, Business Development, Innovation

Companies led by women engaged in innovative sectors

On September 30th, the GammaDonna 2022 Award was given at the OGR Turin. It is dedicated to innovative female entrepreneurship. Together with the Prize, three Awards were also assigned: Assist Digital Award, Giuliana Bertin Communication Award to which the Women Startup Award conferred by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is added.

From submarine wireless communication protocols to high-performance products for the new space frontier. From artificial intelligence in symbiosis with the work of translators to the online psychological support platform. From the transformation of rice processing waste to obtain bio materials for construction to sustainable ecommerce that enhances the Made in Italy craftsmanship, up to the excellence in molding in the automotive and nautical sectors: this year's themes confirm a great attention to the goal of contributing to innovating the country and reducing the gender gap in the socio-economic field thanks to virtuous business examples.

Through its contribution to the GammaDonna Award, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center confirms the leading role within the Italian industrial ecosystem of innovation.

Locandina di lancio evento per il Premio GammaDonna 2022 Locandina di lancio evento per il Premio GammaDonna 2022

Seven finalists a successful startup

The announcement of the winner took place on the stage of the Italian Tech Week, the award went to Claudia Persico CEO of Persico Group for her commitment in the fields of technology, environmental sustainability and circular economy in the automotive, aerospace, nautical and urban mobility sectors.

The  Women Startup Award powered by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center was assigned to Chiara Petrioli of WSense, international excellence in the frontier of the Internet of Underwater Things.

The finalists this year were seven, in addition to the winner, there were in the squad: Isabelle Andrieu - Translated (Rome), Martina Capriotti - Mirta (Milan), Danila De Stefano - Unobravo (Naples) , Anna Gregorio - Picosats (Trieste), Tiziana Monterisi - Ricehouse (Biella), , Chiara Petrioli - WSense (Rome). There were so many opportunities up for grabs:

  • A mini-documentary on its history of innovation
  • A strategic assessment session and permanent access to the EY Velocity platform for the construction and enhancement of a strategic growth plan
  • A cycle of video interviews as part of the #MiriadeofWomen female empowerment project of the Miriade SpA group
  • An analysis of the organizational needs by Synergie to support the development of the Human Resources team
  • A Master from the 24Ore Business School
  • A training course on the world of VC thanks to the Italian Tech Alliance "Venture Academy"
  • The opportunity to be selected for training for the screening process of the Angels4Women Committee for access to an investment between 100 and 500K
  • A Business Class course on GammaDonna's “Finance is Cool” extraordinary finance.


Growth of women and young people to reduce the gender gap

The GammaDonna non-profit association supports and promotes the growth of the role of women and young people in the business world to promote sustainable and lasting economic development, helping to reduce the gender gap in the socio-economic field. Since 2004 she has been working for the cultural change of the country, operating as a "talent scout" for innovative models of doing business, enhancing the entrepreneurial initiative of women and young people, encouraging networking between startups, established companies, investors, Big Corp and Institutions.

The following Awards are also assigned as part of the Award: Women Startup Award - recognition conferred by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center to the most innovative startupper (Smart city, Smart mobility, Life Science, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Bioeconomy, Media, Entertainment & Gamification sectors , Fashion, Agri-food tech, Cleantech, Energy); Assist Digital Award - recognition to the entrepreneur who has invested in digital transformation with the aim of having a positive impact on people, communities, territories, society and the environment; Giuliana Bertin Communication Award - recognition conferred by Valentina Communication to the entrepreneur who was best able to communicate her innovation on and off-line.