NS Lab Seminar | Neuroscience applied to real life

20 September 2022
13:30 - 14:30
NS Lab Applied Research

The NS Lab Seminar | Neuroscience applied to real life is part of a series of events that aim to illustrate and disseminate the evolution of research conducted by the Neuroscience Lab of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

The seminar, organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, is scheduled via remote connection on Tuesday September 20th at 13.30-14.30. The event will be held in Italian.

Seminario neuroscienze intesa sanpaolo innovation center Le Neuroscienze applicate alla vita reale Seminario neuroscienze intesa sanpaolo innovation center Le Neuroscienze applicate alla vita reale

is an incredible possibility of knowledge. In fact, they constitute a level of detail and deepening of people's experiences that, before technological evolution and scientific knowledge related to the brain, were simply not accessible. If we add to this the fact that they are potentially applicable to any context, we easily understand the importance of this sector.

At the same time, however, neuroscientific activity data is difficult to handle. The ambivalence between the desire for knowledge and the complexity of collecting reliable information inevitably generates a market chaos, in which panacea vendors and laboratory neuroscientists mix. Understanding what can really be done with neuroscience is necessary and possible.

In the seminar, Christian Caldato will talk about concrete success stories on which he has worked in the world of sports, in the world of marketing and in that of personal empowerment. To these he will add some "tips" to allow you to understand if the Neuroscience project they are telling you has potential, or if they are just riding your hunger for knowledge.


Christian Caldato
after earning a degree in clinical psychology at the University of Padua began his collaboration as an expert in biofeedback and neurofeedback at excellent sports centers and business contexts. From 2011 for 5 years he worked in Formula 1 with the Ferrari and Red Bull (Toro Rosso) teams in the analysis of psychophysiological responses and in the management of the emotional aspects of drivers, engineers and race teams. He has also worked with Olympic athletes in high jump and shooting to train the factors that can optimize sports performance in the brain.

Within the companies, he collaborated with Confindustria Vicenza and Confindustria Treviso, with the aim of monitoring staff stress levels from the point of view of the nervous system and reducing their negative impact. Since 2015 he has been part of the TSW research team, as manager, where he deals with investigating the emotional aspects and psychophysiological responses from people in relating with brands, products and services, in the different touch points of the customer journey, with the aim to improve their experience.

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