Innovation Coffee | Rebel Writing: Innovation and New Narratives

28 June 2022
13:30 - 14:00
Innovation Coffee Eventi

The Innovation Coffee | Scrittura Ribelle: Innovazione e nuove narrazioni conducted by Ella Marciello - Creative director, copywriter and communication strategist will be held both in virtual form and in presence on Tuesday June 28th 2022 at 13.30-14.00.

The Innovation Coffees are events organized by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of the culture of innovation. During the meetings, frontier topics are presented: latest generation technologies, innovative startups, insights by innovators, new forms of communication and presentation of cutting-edge tools for all Group colleagues.


Can writing - and language in a broader sense - be a vehicle for innovation? And how? If the stories we tell are based on imaginaries that are now out of time, how can we renew them in order to make all the complexity of the contemporary coexist within them? Speaking, writing and communicating are acts with a strong responsibility, especially in the business environment, because they are able to make a difference and generate impact in a world that changes quickly and must find us ready and ready.


Ella Marciello is creative director, copywriter and communication strategist. She took her first steps in the field of communication in 2010, first in the company and then in various advertising agencies. Over the years you have worked transversally in the field of advertising, in the field of dissemination and cultural events and as a teacher in various educational realities, including the IED in Turin.
Since 2019 she has been the spokesperson and creator of Hella Network - the network for inclusive communication in which she advances, through social campaigns, issues related to gender equality and, for some years, has been included among the Unstoppable Women of Startup Italia as one of the 1000 women who are changing our country. In 2022 she published the book: Rebel Writing - Anti manual of creative writing, A journey inside one's creative self to abandon certain known patterns and make one's mindset and writing 'rebellious'.