Innovative technologies in the fields of you interest

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center offers companies that want to do open innovation an exclusive portfolio of innovative startups and SMEs.

The startups in our portfolio have developed technologies in the following areas:


  • Management software for farming 4.0  
  • Digital farming platform 
  • Traceability and certification system for organic products  
  • Carrier and action enhancer for active ingredients in agri-food  
  • Eco-friendly active ingredient encapsulation solutions 

Digital & AI

  • Cybersecurity solutions for company and employee protection
  • Management and training performance platform 
  • Time and date and image and sound certification solution  
  • Digital environment brand positioning improvement solution  
  • Digital identification of objects system, able to certify ownership  
  • Solution to make hiring processes more intelligent and faster    
  • Company climate analysis software which proposes actions for improvement 
  • Digital solutions for company processes, UX and UI 
  • Virtual consultant for the management and use of company data 
  •  SaaS modular and omnichannel platform for e-commerce 
  • Artificial intelligence applied to online sales 
  • Artificial intelligence applied to security 
  • Phygital customer experience e remote assistance solutions
  • Immersive solutions for business and entertainment 
  • Digital and Social CRM  
  • Flexible system for the digital organization of work 
  • IoT to strengthen commercial effectiveness in the retail sector  
  • Omnichannel platform for made-to-order flow management in the fashion industry   
  • Last mile logistics management platform  


  • Advanced monitoring tools for photovoltaic systems
  • Smart metering and energy analysis tool  
  • Dynamic control system for the heating, cooling and ventilation systems of large buildings  
  • Insulating cellulose-based materials for construction, in a Circular Economy logic  
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and improvement system  
  • SaaS Solution for Smart Grid Analytics  
  • Micro cogeneration systems for electrical energy production 

Industry 4.0

  • Vehicle robotization software platform  
  • Virtual reality applied to the manufacturing sector  
  • Digitalization of business processes through the use, development and engineering of IoT and IIoT technologies, to innovate the customer retail experience
  • Platform for collaborative robotics
  • Post-production solution in the field of additive manufacturing 
  • Internet of Underwater Things (IoUt) solutions
  • Collaborative platform for the industrial sector  
  • Plasma technology for industrial sustainability and efficiency 
  • Intelligent platform for predictive maintenance  
  • Control and monitoring systems with fiber optic technology 

Sustainability & Materials

  • High-tech lenses
  • Recycled and recyclable plastic: new eco-friendly plastic material  
  • Sustainable luxury materials equipped with certified traceability 
  • Customized fashion-tech footwear  
  • Bioplastic made from renewable plant-based raw materials  
  • Bioplastics from renewable sources and recycled polymers