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Tech Scouting

Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center you can easily discover the best technologies and innovative solutions for your company so as to create new businesses that focus on innovation and increase your competitiveness in the market.

Focused research

A highly personalized service to help you find the most useful technologies to meet your industrial and investment needs.


Guaranteed privileged access to strategic partners’ sources and data such as: incubators, research centers, universities and specialized firms. Both national and international.


The solutions found will be selected and analysed at a technological and financial level to favor transfer 

In brief

You’ll be able to find groundbreaking technologies developed in your industrial sector of reference or in new sectors of interest to you.

In brief

You’ll be able to increase your competitiveness
or launch a new business thanks to research in innovative technologies.

In brief

You’ll get detailed information about the technological targets and an evaluation about it.

our support
We’ll support you
in developing your business

Thanks to the research of innovative technologies you’ll be able to increase your competitiveness or launch a new business. According to the complexity of the requisites the service will reach you about 20-40 days after signing the contract.