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Keeping up with innovation is simple. Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center's service you will receive a round-up of the most important news regarding innovation and technology, selected specifically for you according to your interests. Don't miss our daily selection including industries, technologies, innovation ecosystems and much more.


Every day you’ll know what is happening in the world of innovation, regarding both your reference Industry and broader technologies and sectors.

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Only the most important news will be chosen for you, eliminating background noise thanks to the use of keywords, search agents, specific algorithms and the work of specialized analysts.


You’ll be able to bring innovation to your company to set following innovations in motion, from the process to the development of the product up to the organization.

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The service is also available in White Label, just insert your company’s logo and brand identity

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You’ll be able to monitor over 500 of the best national and international web sources and national and international newspapers daily

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Content personalization, plus the possibility to create new topics ad hoc, as well as the 30 already present.

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Every day you’ll get the innovation news desired and of greater interest and relevance according to the issues you reported or selected from the more than 30 already present among Industries and Technologies and current and future trends. You can also request to send over 1,000 email addresses a week